How much do you need to make to buy a car in Singapore?

High COEs and even higher taxes, it’s no news to us that Singapore is one of the most expensive places in the world to own a car. Despite recent COE pricings climbing, we still see new cars on the road being registered all the time. Does this mean Singapore is full of rich people? (Yes). What […]

GLB200 – Progressive or AMG Line?

GLC300 side

The new GLB200 Progressive has just been launched at C&C, but how does it stack up to our top selling GLB200 AMG Line Premium and Premium Plus variants?

How to convince your other half you deserve a Mercedes-Benz


So you’ve been working hard, grinding at your job and this year looks like it’s gonna be YOUR year. It’s time to get that new Mercedes-Benz you’ve always wanted. Yes, your current cars works fine, but you want to be able to enjoy life a little, breathe easier, and maybe feel more zen during your commute to work. The kids can be screaming in the back, but damn the ride is smooth.