Reasons why you should get a Porsche 911

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Porsche 911 CS2


The Porsche 911 has been known for its resilience in the past 5 decades. It has evolved since its introduction in the 1960s – The key here is evolution and not re-invention. The 8th generation 911 has been unveiled with a tweak in performance – featuring a powerful six-cylinder turbo engine, while retaining a similar exterior shape and styling.

Let’s take a deeper look at this iconic car and what you are paying for.

Is 911 a good car?

A 100% resounding, yes. It is a great option if you are looking for a sports car without the maintenance hassle. It’s very well priced compared to other super cars and it delivers way more than its price tag. A cushioned ride, nimble handling, lined up of potential six cylinder engines is what you can get from Porsche 911. The interior is simple, a design sense that focuses on the drive more than anything else. User friendly, intuitive, and just plenty of class. The 911 regardless of generation has been a fantastic driver’s car.

Porsche 911 CS2

Pros and Cons

We would go so far as to say that the 911 is perfect, well nearly perfect, if we want to nitpick then there can be some minor dislikes about the car. 

Excellent driving enjoyment
Impressive six-cylinder engines
Wide range of safety features and options
Razor sharp handling
Modern, elegant – crisp interior
Small back seats
Small front trunk
Stock exhaust is not that loud
Looks aren’t supercar enough.


The Porsche 911 is a two door of 4 seats sports car. The front seats provide sufficient paddings, supports, and adjustability for long-distance driving. There is ample space for head and legroom for the front seats – a plus point for the taller heads, but the same cannot be said for the rear seats.

The interior is well trimmed, and cladded with quality materials. Following from its predecessors, many details are carried over to 911 such as the ignition switch and dashboard appearance. 

The Porsche infotainment touchscreen system looks classy with monochrome appearance which blends in with the dashboard’s other controls. It responds quickly to inputs and easy to navigate the menus. It has modern features like Apple Carplay and yet retains it’s simplicity.

Driving Assistance

With now that Porsche has established 911’s safety features (a yay for Porsche lovers), these are the key features included:

  • Standard front and rear parking sensors
  • Available forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking
  • Available adaptive cruise control


Identifying a new car from the front is definitely not easy as usual but there are definitely some differences made to this Porsche 911. A new slim line LED has fitted at the above of outer cooling ducts like those of the old model, double as indicator units.

The exterior mirrors have been restyled and enlarged moderately, and continue to be housed on frameless doors. The door handles are also advanced with it now sitting flush with the body when the door is closed for added aerodynamic efficiency.

Porsche 911 Dimensions

Length: 14 feet, 9 inches to 14 feet, 11 inches

Curb weight: 3,142 to 3,682 pounds


The  911 has an excellent powertrain and dynamics. 

The twin turbo offers fascinating acceleration 370, 420, and 450 horsepower. The engine makes great noises, smooth and provides plenty of oomph available. 

It escalates out an impressive 3.4-second zero-to-60-mph time when equipped with the PDK dual-clutch automatic—a must if you want a quickest acceleration. 

Driving experience

A stand out characteristic of the 911 is the ability to handle corners well. Never a dull drive whether in city or B-road driving. 911 owners, past or present will know that it’s something very special.

The 911’s seating position is 13mm lower than the previous models. It sets you to an immediate sports car state. Despite that, it has always been a daily drivable sports car. It gives you an easy reach with the wheel tilted towards you and the high slope console switches and gear shifter.  Additionally, the steering is perfectly weighted and responsive and slows down the 911 confidently during a brake. 

All in all, the 911 is not just about the speeds it holds but also a comfortable sports car that makes you feel secure and feels natural when driving it on the road. 

Ownership costs

The new 992 starts from $480,000 before COE and options. A well-specced 911 (Porsche Entry & Drive, Sports Exhaust, Sports Chrono Pack, Paint, Rims, etc.) should set you back an additional $50-$60,000 and COE will be extra.

The interesting thing about 991s is that they hold value extremely well. Using an over-simplified scenario, you should expect the price of your 911 to hold at $400-500k after COE renewal 10 years later. This is based on current 991s coming up in the market. 

Working out the numbers, this means your effective depreciation on the 911 is just about $20-30,000 per year, not bad for a sports car! The numbers get even more interesting with used units, it’s not unheard of to even make money off of low mileage and pristine 911s!

Some of the key options we think is worth getting:

  • Colour of your choice
  • Non-standard rims
  • Sports Exhaust
  • Porsche Entry & Drive
  • Sport Chrono Pack
  • PDLS Plus
  • Surround View

These options will set you back a pretty penny at the local agent here, but could easily cost just a third of the price if you were to get them from the UK directly. Higher options and lower costs means no worrying about resale value. 

Our verdict

If anyone asks how much $400,000-$500,000 can buy, tell them to look no other than the Porsche 911. It is definitely a rigorous performer and a joy to drive for daily use. It adds both grip and speed with better balance in handling. It’s worth every dollar spent. 

If you wish to own a Porsche 911 yourself or any other luxury import cars, we can bring it in just for you through our Meyer Infinite program.

Contact us here and we will assist you accordingly.

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