GLB200 – Progressive or AMG Line?

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GLC300 side

At just $182,888 you get a well-specced GLB200 Sport/Progressive, and at first glance it seems competitively priced. But word on the street is C&C has cut down on specs to price it way down below their usual selling price.

Exterior Options (Est. $11,000 in so-called ‘cost-savings’)

You pay the same but get a lot less.

Simply A Better Looking Car: 

AMG Line comes with the diamond grille and sportier bodykit, and while this does not have any impact on handling, it makes the car look befitting of its price and less like any other SUV on the road.

AMG Line Diamond Grille

Nicer Looking Wheels:

The AMG Line comes with 19″ rims while the Progressive comes with 18″. If you’ve not seen the GLB200 Progressive in person yet, you might find the wheels are a little.. lacking. As a result of the smaller wheels, there can be too much space between the tyres and the wall and it makes the car look ordinary, which isn’t what you want when you’re shelling out big bucks for it.

GLB200 Rims and Side Comparison

Better quality tyres(Bridgestone Alenza/Pirelli P-zero vs Pirelli Scorpion Verde)

The AMG Line also comes with higher performance tyres compared to the Pirelli Scorpion Verde. 

P-Zeros are geared for better handling due to it’s asymmetric tread patterns that improves braking and safety. In addition, the structure of the tyre improves steering response and lower cabin noise levels.

If this doesn’t convince you yet, verified owner reviews have proven that the P-Zeros scores higher in terms of fuel savings, grip, ride comfort, and durability.

Exterior Overview

TL;DR: Here’s an overview of the exterior differences between C&C’s GLB200 Progressive and our GLB200 AMG Line

GLB200 Exterior Comparison

Interior Options (Est. $9,000 in so-called ‘cost-savings’)

The small touches make all the difference in terms of your ownership experience, as well as resale value a few years down the line.

  • Lack of rear air conditioning – This is a real letdown – having only front air conditioning for a 7 seater in our tropical climate is, frankly, unimaginable. What makes it worse is C&C does not offer this option as an add-on. Your passengers are guaranteed to feel stuffy in this 7-seater in Singapore’s heat and humidity.
  • Driving experience – the AMG Line difference also gives you a nappa leather steering wheel that’s more comfortable to grip. The flat bottom allows for a natural hold and driving feel. This means better handling and control of the car regardless of situation. 

On the contrary as a bonus, our UK-specced GLBs come with 2-zone climate control (a standard these days) and also an advanced sound system (subwoofer, larger speakers) included at no additional charge. (See photo below)

THERMOTRONIC 2-zone automatic climate control

Interior Differences

TL;DR: Here’s an overview of the interior differences between C&C’s GLB200 Progressive and our GLB200 AMG Line

Safety Features (Est. $5,000 in so-called ‘cost-savings’)

Thankfully, most safety features are pretty much standard on the GLB. However, C&C seems to have made one item optional – the rear airbags. 

For a family-focused SUV, you would expect this to be a no-brainer. However you are required to pay more if you want this safety feature included in your GLB200 Progressive.

Total Value Difference: $18,000 ~ $31,000

While the selling price is lower, the total value that they are excluding from GLB200 Progressive is as high as approximately $25,000.

Furthermore, if you were to include the possible UK GLB200 AMG Line options, you would be paying above $200,000 for the same car! Coupled with their higher interest rates and insurance, amongst other things, you’re essentially paying the same amount for a reduced-option car – it just doesn’t make sense in this market.

The GLB200 Progressive may look like it is selling at a good price but if you think about the heavily discounted specs, poorer overall ownership experience, and lower long-term resale value, is it really a fair deal?

 For us, 90% of our customers choose the GLB200 AMG Line due to better looks, options, and resale value

Why Meyer Motors?

We’re a Mercedes-Benz boutique that’s straightforward and upfront – we provide the same warranty and servicing terms and coverage as provided by C&C. 

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s just a few of our happy clients driving off with their new Mercedes-Benz cars in the last month!

Interested? Leave us your details below and we will get back to you right away on the newest GLB!

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