Everything you need to know about the new GLA-Class 2021

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Thanks to it’s sporty and practical design and SUV driving dynamics, the GLA180 was favorably received by families in Singapore looking for that perfect starter Mercedes-Benz. The new GLA-Class is expected to continue with this winning strategy. We are certain this new model will blow it’s competitors out of the water!

Announced Changes Thus Far

Exterior Profile

The 2013 GLA180 is based on the A-Class hatchback design but raised to give it a SUV look. Some drivers considered it to be a hatchback on stilts and it seems like this will not be the case with the new 2021 GLA180

Mercedes-Benz GLA 2021

The new model is expected to have a completely distinct SUV shape, which means a more upright profile for the car. The overall height of the car is lowered  by 1.5cm and the front and rear overhang will be reduced. This likely means a boxier looking GLA-Class and it will really portray an SUV look, as it should.

We are particularly interested to find out how the new headlights and tail lights will look like on the GLA. We thought the lights on the A-Class looked very sleek but the CLA just blew us away with it’s angular design. Let’s hope that the GLA will continue this trend!

The bonnet will also be another design element that we are looking out for, will Mercedes keep to the power domes of the CLA or will they smooth it out like the A-Class and CLS?

Cabin Space

The wheelbase of the GLA has been lengthened, which means more legroom and space within the cabin. And Mercedes has also alluded that the new model “allows a higher, characteristic SUV seating position.” so we think you can expect a roomier interior than before, allowing the driver and front passenger to benefit from additional headroom.

At this stage we do not know how this translates to the rear passenger space, but if the new A-Class and CLA-Class are anything to go by it probably will be much wider than before.


The award winning MBUX architecture will be a main feature of this new GLA. Expect to have the distinctive widescreen digital display, 64 colour ambient lighting, and MBUX voice control present. These features are already present in the Premium and Premium Plus trim of the A/CLA/B class, drivers’ who have seen it will be familiar with the intuitive design and good looks.

MBUX Infotainment

Improvements has also been made to it’s Driver Assistance systems, cornering functions, and exit warning function. Mercedes is once again proving itself to be one of the safest cars you can choose for you and your family.

Engine configurations

Similar to the latest A/CLA/B/GLB Class, the GLA will share the same M282 engine and platform. The GLA will then have the same model configurations and tunes for this compact SUV range.

Mercedes-Benz 4-cylinder-gasoline engine M282

GLA180 – 1,332 cc/ 136 bhp / 200 Nm

GLA200 – 1,332 cc/ 163 bhp/ 250 Nm

GLA250 – 1,991cc /  224 bhp/ 350 Nm

Now that the GLA180 is also under the Cat B banding, we expect more owners to be interested in the GLA200 rather than the GLA180. Which would you choose?

Packages and Singapore Prices

While the packages are always changing every 3 to 6 months, the new GLA should have the same treatment as recent announcements and changes to the other entry-level packages, namely:

  • GLA180/GLA200 Standard – dual 7″ display, no ambient lighting, no keyless entry
  • GLA180/GLA200 Premium – widescreen digital display, ambient lighting, keyless entry, advanced sound system
  • GLA180/GLA200 Premium Plus – in addition to premium, sunroof, electric seats, multibeam LED headlights.

It remains to be seen if smartphone integration will be a standard (Mercedes does seem to be moving in that direction), so even if the local Navigation doesn’t work you will always have your Google Maps/Waze right on the large screen display with you.

We don’t know the exact pricing of the GLA as of yet, but one thing is for sure – it’s not going be in the same 120k banding that we see today. The A-Class will once again be the most affordable Mercedes-Benz in the market.

The new M282 engine unfortunately puts even the ‘smallest’ GLA in the Cat B banding. On the flip side, this means that the GLA will no longer be known as ‘that underpowered Mercedes’. The M282 engine has proven itself to be a fun little powerhouse in the A and CLA-Class and we’re sure it will serve the GLA-Class well.

We estimate prices to be from 150-180k depending on the VES, trim, and packages on the car.

Excited about the new launch? You can catch it live at https://media.mercedes-benz.com/gla.  Otherwise fill in your details below and we will update you once more details are out! 

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