Do’s and Don’ts: How to get your car ready for the CNY

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Huat ah! Let’s welcome the year of the tiger. As the CNY approaches, it is the most busy period for many Singaporeans in getting the preparations; shopping, spring cleaning and planning. 

Especially for car owners out there, you must be preparing your car to have a smooth ride during the celebration of this festive season – ensuring it is all cleaned and free from negativity or bad luck. 

Is your car ready for Chinese New Year? Let’s find out the Do’s and Don’ts to get your car ready for the 2022 CNY!

Chinese New Year
Photo by Jeyakumaran


1. Bring your car for a service

As we are visiting our families and relatives all around Singapore, having your car checked and serviced is important to prevent any car breakdowns. It is recommended for every car owner to send their car for service at least 2 weeks before. Thus, many of the shops will be closed during the period, so it is best to check your car health in advance.   

2. Spring cleaning and washing your car  

Spring cleaning can be such a hassle, but getting rid of all the clutter from your seats to your boot will remove all the negative energy and bring in a good fortune instead. On top of that, having your car washed and polished helps you to drive better and looks sleek on the road. If you are not doing this yourself, you should at least book an appointment to have it all done just in time. 

3. Decorate your cars 

Liven up your cars with colours that give you good luck. Since this is the year of the tiger, your lucky colours that you should spice up your car with are blue, orange and gray

You can check out other zodiac lucky colours here

Orange and Ang Pows

Orange symbolizes fortune and wealth. Placing a pair of oranges on your dashboard does not just enhance the look of your car but brings good luck and prosperity into your life. To spice up even more, you can top it up with angbaos or stickers. 

4. Prepare CNY playlist

Another feng shui tip you should know, music brings you serenity. To get you more into the mood of CNY, prepare a playlist of CNY music from Spotify that enhances your journey while driving. This will remove any unwanted energy while on the road which could be stressful sometimes. Now that the cars have also become more tech savvy, you can connect your phone into your Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto

5. Opening your windows

Some may believe that allowing fresh air into your car during Chinese New Year may also mean bringing in “chi” or good fortune to the house or owner. You can open it every once in a while for positive energy to flow in. 


1. Avoid black colours/cars

Since the olden days, the black colours have always been seen as inauspicious colour, that brings bad luck – as to why many avoid using outfits that are in black colour during the festive season. However, if you were to have a black car, you can counteract it with a pair of oranges which would help in bringing some luck.

Black Car

2. Avoid sharp objects

Many of us may have placed scissors and other sharp objects in the car. Unfortunately, it is not advisable to have it during the first few days of CNY as it is believed to cut off one’s fortune. Not just that, it can also cause danger to others in the car especially if there are children. Furthermore, you would not want anyone to get hurt during the celebration. 

3. Avoid washing your cars during CNY

It is recommended to get your car washed a day before or a few days before CNY. Many believed that washing your car in CNY could sweep away good fortune. Therefore, it is advisable to get your car cleaned before the day. If your schedule is packed and only able to it last minute, send it to any car wash services available.  

So is your car ready for the New Year? We hope you are all prepared from the list above. With preparation just in time and making preventions from any bad cause, we believe you’re good to go in celebrating with your family this year!

Not to forget, for the safety of others, don’t drink and drive! Always ensure the people around you, yourself are safe, and your car condition is right on the road. 

Meyer Motors would like to wish everyone 祝您新年快乐,身体健康 – a happy new year and good health.

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