Why A Mercedes-Benz Should Be Your Next Car – Part 2

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Continued from our previous post – Why A Mercedes-Benz Should Be Your Next Car.

We’re talking about how Mercedes-Benz is the most value for money purchase you can make. These are important points to consider in any car buying decision. Even if you’re not looking for a car right now. Click on the link above if you haven’t read the first part!


The biggest misconception in Singapore about Mercedes-Benz is the price. Many buyers believe that the cost to buy and to own is too prohibitive, but this cannot be further from the truth. If there’s only one thing to take away from this article is this: Mercedes-Benz cars are relatively not expensive, but it’s the Authorised Dealer that is expensive.

We compare our existing fleet against prices of other cars we have found on sgcarmart. We easily see that for every price band available, owners derive more value from a Mercedes-Benz than say an equivalent car from Nissan or Toyota.

Source: Sgcarmart

Likewise, regular servicing for our cars don’t cost much more than any other car in the list above. (unless you go back to the dealer – but why would you?).  There are plenty of specialist Mercedes-Benz workshops in Singapore that provide at least the same standard of service as the Agent and at much more reasonable prices., our warranty partner MBMWheelpower is one of them.

Resale Value

Closely linked to the buying price would be your car’s resale value. We assess resale value based on the spread that our purchasers and used car dealers buy in your car at and how much they market it. The buying price of your car is calculated by looking at the straight line depreciation of the car, and then discounting it according to various factors (repair costs, COE trend, marketability, demand and supply, popularity, etc.).

For example , your existing new car was bought at $110,000 and the paper value after 10 years is $10,000. Your depreciation is calculated at $10,000 per year like this:

For fast moving and easy to sell cars they will give you a quote with a 20% discount ~ $8,000 depre. By and large, fast selling cars like the Toyota Altis, Camry, Wish and many popular Mercedes-Benz cars tend to be quoted like this.

Cars that are more unpopular or problematic will be quoted with a even larger discount (as high as 50%). Examples of this would be French makes, VW Golfs/A3s (supposed mechatronic issues)/ Honda Vezels  or other PHV cars (too much supply), diesel cars.

What does this all mean to the owner? The real depreciation is actually much higher when you sell your car. The 9k depreciation you thought you were buying actually becomes a 10-11k depreciation car once you sell it. These cars are bad value for money, and this is usually not made known to the buyer at the time of purchase.

We can keep going on about the reasons why we think Mercedes-Benz is better than others out there. But the best way is to come down to our Gallery to have a chat. We are the only Mercedes-Benz boutique in Singapore that specializes in this German make.

Interested? Leave your contact details below and we will get back to you to set up an appointment.

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