How to convince your other half you DESERVE a Mercedes-Benz

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So you’ve been working hard, grinding at your job and this year looks like it’s gonna be YOUR year. It’s time to get that new Mercedes-Benz you’ve always wanted. Yes, your current cars works fine, but you want to be able to enjoy life a little, breathe easier, and maybe feel more zen during your commute to work. The kids can be screaming in the back, but damn the ride is smooth.



After working out the numbers you know you got it in the bag. So you do your research, you’ve found the perfect C200 for yourself and decide to pull the trigger. All that’s left is to choose the colour.

Just one problem.

You casually tell this to your other half over dinner and your plans come grinding to a halt.

“Buy Mercedes for what? Our car still okay what.”

Sound familiar? We’ve had a couple of these clients in the past and it was a tough battle. To a non-driver a car will just be a car, but a Mercedes ownership experience is next to impossible to convey with just words. We’ve produced this presentation to help you with that, and make your case to your other half.*

*Note: try this at your own risk.


In all seriousness. We highly recommend that you come down with the family so our expert advisers can run help you to make a responsible decision.  We think a brand new Mercedes-Benz is one of the best and most sound choices you can make when buying a new car. For legitimate reasons why you should get a Mercedes, continue reading here (Why A Mercedes-Benz Should Be Your Next Car – Part 1)



Meyer Motors is Singapore’s only Mercedes-Benz Boutique.

We specialize in all Mercedes-Benz cars and we take pride in making sure you drive off with the right car suited for your needs. Leave your details below if you want to chat more and we will get back to you right away.



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