Choosing The Right C-Class 2019

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Hint: It’s the C200.

The C-Class is the most iconic luxury sedan all around the world, and for good reason too. Everyone looks and feels like they belong in a C Class, it fits the young corporate executive, the SME tow-kay, happy retiree, even your friendly neighbourhood ah beng.



It’s the goldilocks car for most – not too sporty and yet not too sensible looking, it’s a compact executive car that’s roomy enough for the whole family. Plus the new EQ Boost is powerful and handles like a dream.  Combine these with the iconic three-point star and you’ve got one of the most ubiquitous luxury sports sedan on the road.

Now more than ever before, the C200 is a much worthier buy as compared to the C180. And as always, we are here to bring you more bang for your buck and make the right decision in buying a Mercedes in Singapore. Here we will look at the difference between the C200 Sport/AMG Line (Meyer Motors) and the agent’s C180/C200 Avantgarde.


Exterior: AMG Line vs Sport/Avantgarde

Mercedes has retained the original design language of the C-Class, the iconic looks remain reassuringly familiar and yet not out of place with the latest models on the road. The focus of the changes were on the front of the vehicle as well as the design of the headlamps and tail lamps.

The new AMG kit adds significant character to the C-Class and enhances it’s classy and dynamic nature. On the front, we have the distinctive front diamond grille and the wide style AMG fenders that gives the car an impressive road presence.



On the back, the AMG styling accentuates the dual exhaust and adds rear vents to reduce air resistance. The chrome trim is much more prominent and  gives the car a chunkier looking rear.


Finally, the AMG wheels and side skirts tie the front and rear together to give the C200 AMG Line a powerful look. While the Sport/Avantgarde trim has a ‘standard’ look about it, the AMG Line transforms the C-Class into a car with quiet aggression.



Interior: AMG Line vs Sport/Avantgarde

The interior for both trims have a few key differences, but drivers will still feel equally comfortable no matter which they choose. The entire range comes with the new 12.3″ digital instrument cluster, and the 10.25″ media console in the center as standard.

The first difference you would see stepping into the C-Class is the steering wheel. The AMG Line comes with the sportier flat bottomed steering wheel with metallic finish. Adapted from race cars, this design of steering wheel allows for easier entry and exit, more ergonomic for quicker handling and it serves as an indicator for the driver to know if the wheels are straight. Plus it just looks cooler!


The other difference is in the upholstery, the AMG Line comes with the sportier ARTICO/Dinamica interior while the lower trims all come with ARTICO leather only. The lightweight and breathable Dinamica suede feels better and is more luxurious to the touch.

In addition to these differences, the Premium and Premium Plus packages add various options not found in the Sport/Avantgarde models of the C-Class (wireless charging, sunroof, etc.):



Performance: C180 vs C200

The exterior looks of the car is very much a subjective choice but the choice is very clear when it comes to what’s under the hood. If you are in the market for a new C-Class you should without a doubt go for the C200.

The C180 uses the M274 engine, introduced in 2011, it produces 154bhp and 250Nm of torque. It has been used in the C180 for 8 years and since then it has been proven to be a reliable little engine albeit lacking in terms of performance. In fact, The Straits Times recently reviewed the new C180 Coupe and C180 Sedan, the consensus was the ride was comfortable and had great build quality, but the drive was bland and might be too underpowered.

Most would agree that after purchasing a luxury sedan, the last thing they would want is for it to feel under-powered. To put it in perspective, even the A200 we carry is more powerful than the C180!

The C200, on the other hand, is in a class of it’s own. It has the all new 2019 M264 engine, with Mercedes-Benz’s latest EQ boost feature. It is called a mild-hybrid system but it operates nothing like how you would a hybrid vehicle. First introduced in the CLS53, it brings instant torque to the car, you can think of it as an electrical turbocharger.

The engine delivers a nominal 181 bhp, with an added 17 bhp available when the EQ boost kicks in. Turbo lag is virtually eliminated and torque kicks in when you need it the most. We had the luxury of blasting down the North-South highway in the C200, the car makes it to 160km/h so easily and comfortably that you almost forget you’re going fast!


Price and Financing

Now for the all important consideration: Pricing. Meyer Motor’s cars are always competitively priced and this is especially true for the 2019 C-Classes. We’ve broken the price down according to trim for easier comparison.


Meyer Motor’s C200 Sport has higher engine performance, better drive, and equivalent specs to the agent’s C180 Avantgare but at a lower price.

Meyer Motor’s C200 AMG Line models cost less then the agent’s regular C200 Avantgarde model. You will get the AMG experience, higher specs like sunroof, Burmester soundsystem, etc. and still save money!

The choice is clear, Meyer Motors has competitive prices, expert knowledge and industry leading aftersales service for all your Mercedes-Benz cars.


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