Get the most value for money A200 in Singapore

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Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it means you’re doing your research and this can potentially help you avoid paying an unnecessary premium to the agent for your A200.

The A200 AMG Line Hatchback is performance, luxury, and affordability wrapped in one practical package. It’s no wonder it has been our best selling car since it’s launch! The roomy interior and fold down seats is ready for any demands you can throw at it, while the petrol sipping 1.3l turbo-charged engine ensures running costs stay low.

The defining feature for the A200 is the futuristic interior, it’s widely talked about in the media and the first thing that comes to mind when anyone mentions the A-Class.

One of the most common questions we get from customers is the different options on the car. We hear terms like Basic, Premium, and Premium Plus being thrown around but many aren’t clear on what they mean. Dealers tend to use this misinformation to their advantage to sell you the car they want to move.

We hope to shed some light on this and allow you to make an informed decision. First a quick summary before we dive into the differences!



Starting with the most basic option:

Basic Option – No add-ons (135-137k range*)

In our opinion, this is the level to avoid if you have a choice. The interior looks dull and lacking. it is completely different from pictures in the media. This will have a significant impact on it’s resale value when you decide to sell.

At the most basic, the A200 comes with the non-glass 7″ instrument cluster and media display. Note that it does not have ambient lighting in the interior and does not come with automatic folding mirrors as well. It does however have Keyless-Start and LED headlamps.



Premium Spec (140 – 142k range*)

This is the spec level that is seen in almost all of the media for the new A Class and we think it’s the trim to have. It is the most value for money giving you the most goodies for your cash.

Adding only $5,000 more to the above spec gets you the most value for your money in terms of cost to features.

The Premium Package includes the dual 10.25″ instrument cluster and media display, enclosed in a seamless piece of glass for the signature futuristic look.

It adds the 64-colour ambient lighting that runs throughout the front of the car, an upgraded Advanced Sound System and it comes with Keyless-GO, rear armrests and illuminated door sills.



Premium Plus Spec (149-150k range*)

Based on our customers’ feedback the extra options are nice to have, but they are not worth the asking price.

For roughly $15,000 more than the basic trim, you will get the premium specs plus driver side memory seat, sunroof, and multi-beam LED headlights.

The sunroof while it looks nice upon collection, is barely used in Singapore’s climate. With additional solar film applied it can still get very hot, even in the mornings!

Memory seats are also good to have, however for most drivers these are hardly ever adjusted, and for this price you would expect both seats to have this function! Our customers think it’s worth adjusting the seats manually on occasion, and having some extra cash in their wallets.

Lastly, the Multi-beam LED headlights are an incredible innovation to have. Created for increasing road safety in dark road conditions, it identifies and illuminates roads with no lights and helps to mask incoming lights from drivers from the other side of the road – conditions that are unlikely to happen in 95% of the roads in Singapore. From the driver’s perspective in Singapore there is no difference if you have it or not.

Comment below on what you think is the most important feature to have in the A200, we would love you hear your thoughts!

*prices based on COE prices at time of writing

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