5 Differences between Meyer Motors and AD – 2019 A-Class

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This is the first of many upcoming posts comparing the differences between cars sold by Meyer Motors and others available locally. We hope to clear up the confusion with the different and often confusing car specifications and help our clients better understand their purchase.

What better way to launch this series than with the recently launched A200? At the end of the post we’ll show you in detail how we can help you to save up to S$19,000 on your new A-class!



The 2019 all-new A200 is a complete revamp of the old A-Class. Here we will focus on the A200 Hatchback, while the Sedan variant arriving in early 2019 is expected to be identical in all except body-shape.

The all-new A200 boasts an immersive dual 10.25″ digital display, 64 colour ambient lighting, and the newly developed Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) AI system.

Under the hood, the new turbo-charged 4 cylinder 1,332cc  engine is a stark improvement over the previous model – the M 282 engine will offer 163bhp and 250NM of torque paired with a 7G-DCT transmission. When compared to the previous 1,595cc engine, the output per liter of the engine has been increased by a stunning 25%.

Mercedes-Benz promises an unparalleled driving experience with this car, and similarly the Meyer Experience guarantees a buying and after-sales experience that is second to none.

Next, let’s dive into the comparisons on the different specifications on offer.


1. AMG Line (Meyer Motors) vs Progressive (Agent)

The AMG Line is highest trim level for any Mercedes-Benz car, and combines upgraded luxury aesthetics and performance seamlessly. The AMG Line lends an aggressive look to the car and offers a commanding presence on the road, an option that will set you back at least S$5,000 at the Agent. The mid-range trim is called Sport in Europe (Progressive or Avantgarde in Singapore). Breaking down the AMG Line components in pictures we have:


Diamond Grille & AMG Front Bumper (Chrome)
AMG Side Skirts

AMG Rear Bumper with Vents and Chrome Trim

18″ 5-twin Spoke AMG Wheels

AMG Interior with ARTICO leather and DINAMICA microfibre

AMG Multifunction Sports Steering Wheel with Flattened Bottom

Lowered Comfort Suspension & High Performance Brakes

Lastly, the AMG Line comes with a lowered comfort suspension. This has a two-fold impact on the drive, it improves the handling by lowering the center of gravity, and reduces aerodynamic drag thereby increasing fuel efficiency and speed. This is paired with high performance brake pads to make sure the driver not only starts, but stops on time.


2. Other Specs & Options

Other than the options associated with the AMG Line trim, both cars are virtually similar save for a few differences. This list compares the key features and specs included in the cars. As detailed in the last section, you get more car for a lot less money with Meyer Motors.


3. Warranty Package

Meyer Motors offers a comprehensive, unlimited mileage warranty of up to 5 years, which covers all manufacturers’ defects (similar coverage as Agent). We only use Mercedes-Benz genuine parts and the warranty includes coverage of the engine, transmission and drive axles, electrical components, air-con system, turbochargers and more. A detailed warranty booklet will be presented to all our clients at the first servicing, which lists all the covered components for a complete peace of mind and enjoyable ownership experience with any new car purchase with us.

Comparatively, warranty provided by the Agent covers only 3 years for manufacturers’ defects (with mileage capped at 100,000 km). The terms and conditions are often vague, and at times we hear of customers’ reports of having to negotiate for what is being covered.


4. Service Package

All new cars from Meyer Motors comes with 6 x free servicing including labour and parts, which lasts at least 3 years based on an average driver’s mileage locally. The servicing will be done by our warranty workshop to ensure consistency in the maintenance of all our new cars for our customers. Our workshop’s mechanics are trained and qualified to service all Mercedes-Benz vehicles and are equipped with the latest Mercedes-Benz diagnostic tools.

The standard service takes about 3 hours, and it includes oil and various filter changes as well as a comprehensive multi-point check on the car (such as steering fluid, joints, bearings and linkages, exhaust system, braking system, etc.) The qualified mechanic will then advice on parts that need to be replaced if worn out. After the complimentary servicing sessions are used up, an average servicing session with our workshop will cost about $200 per visit (price depends on volume of engine oil required).

The Agent provides $3000-$7,000 of  service credits depending on the model of your vehicle. For the A200, a typical package on offer is $5,000 worth of service credits, which is similarly estimated to last about 3 years. A basic oil change at the Agent’s workshop will set you back $400 – $500 for the smaller Mercedes-Benz models, and it is not unheard of to chalk up a bill of up to $4000-$5,000 for major services rendered.


5. Price

Last but not least (arguably the most important), we come to the comparison of the prices for both cars on offer. The A200 AMG Line from Meyer Motors offers higher specifications and at a lower price, maximizing value for our clients with cash savings of up to S$19,000. The breakdown below shows not only the price comparison but the insurance, financing and other freebies included with every car purchase.



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